By airplane

Schiphol Airport has connections to all mayor European cities, such as Dublin, London, Manchester, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Warsaw, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, Prague, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Budapest, Vienna, Bologna, Milan, Bern, Paris, Lyon, Barcelone, and Madrid.

From Schiphol to Veenendaal you can take the train and will reach train station Veenendaal Centrum in 1 hour and 11 minutes. From the train station to the venue is walkable in 15-20 minutes.

Eindhoven Airport has connections to Dublin, London, Manchester, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Prague, Brno, Budapest, Munich, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Bologna, Pisa, Milan, Marseille, Barcelone and Seville.

From Eindhoven Airport you can reach Eindhoven Central Station in 15 minutes and then with two trains via Utrecht in 1 hour and 5 minutes to Veenendaal Centrum. From the train station to the venue is walkable in 15-20 minutes.

By Train

Veenendaal has a train station, Veenendaal Centrum, that is nearest to the venue, reachable by stoptrain from Utrecht. From Schiphol Airport to Utrecht is 30 minutes, Utrecht-Veenendaal is also 30 minutes, in total it’s an hour and 11 minutes. That train station is at 15-20 minutes walking distance.

For people coming by train from the East, Veenendaal also has a train station on the line Arnhem-Utrecht. From train station Veenendaal de Klomp it’s 4km to the event site, s0 40min walking. But if needed we could arrange a shuttle service.

By Car

Veenendaal sits directly at highway A12, one of two main east-west highways of the Netherlands. The distance from highway exit Veenendaal to the event site is 4km. Veenendaal has great reachability for cars / buses from Belgium, Germany and France. But also Denmark, the UK , the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Austria and Italy are doable by bus.


To Brussels 195km in 2 hours
To Hamburg 425km in 4 hours.
To Frankfurt 370km in 3,5 hours.
To Paris 495km in 5 hours
To Lyon 890km in 9 hours
To Copenhagen 890km in 9 hours
To London 530km in 6 hours
To Prague 825km in 8 hours
To Bern 765km in 7,5 hours
To Vienna 1078 km in 11 hours
To Bologna 1221 km in 12,5 hours