In 2013 the World Flying Disc Federation established a rules accreditation process to allow players to demonstrate that they have read the Rules of Ultimate. For EYUC 2017, the EUF Youth Committee has established the following accreditation requirements:

Standard Accreditation

All team members on the roster must have the Standard Accreditation.

Advanced Accreditation

A minimum of 3 players per team must have the Advanced Accreditation, one of whom must be the team captain.

Player registration for EYUC 2017

Each Player will be asked to insert their WFDF User ID Number, the certification level and the date of issue of the Certificate. Without this information a player will not be able to register and thus can NOT attend the event.


The EUF Youth Committee will use the WFDF Accreditation Registry to verify that each team has met their accreditation requirements. The EUF representative will be responsible for discussing any non-compliance with the relevant teams and assisting the teams to meet their requirements. Any team that has not met the accreditation requirements will not be able to participate in EYUC 2017 until the requirements have been met.

Registration for accreditation

Go to . Do the quiz. Or enter the Accreditation Registry and look for your WFDF User ID number, certificate level and date of issue. The WFDF User ID Number is provided to all players who attempt the quiz, and is available at

Important note
Certificates expire after 18 months. Besides, accreditation based on the 2013 rules will be invalid after 1 April 2017!

Quiz Details

The WFDF accreditation quizzes are available The format of both levels of accreditation is an open book quiz that is based on the WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2017. The quiz is designed to allow players to demonstrate that they have read the Rules of Ultimate. Players are strongly encouraged to refer to the WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2017, and all supporting documentation, when attempting the quiz. The Rules of Ultimate can be found at A minimum score of 8/10 must be achieved to become Rules Accredited. Afterwards accreditation is valid for 18 months.

Non-English speaking countries

The WFDF Ultimate Committee has worked on developing translated versions of the Accreditation questions, but currently they aren’t available, as they need to be updated based on the Rules of Ultimate 2017.

Rules accredited players

have the same responsibilities on the field as every other player. Besides having a Rules Accreditation doesn’t replace the requirement for each player to play with good Spirit and it doesn’t release captains from their responsibility to ensure their team upholds the Spirit of the Game.